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Walking Pallet Truck—XCC-PW15
Product Features
XCC-PW15 is an economical electric truck with a rated load of 1500kg;
Compact and lightweight body design for a variety of low-intensity load applications in warehouses or transport applications on trucks with liftgates.

Product Advantage
Solutions for low-intensity load applications,
Built-in charger, highly autonomous,

 Additional stabilizer wheels ensure stable vehicle operation.

Built-in charger
The built-in charger makes operation autonomous and increases the working range.

The fork head enters the roller
The included access rollers ensure easy access to the pallet, preventing possible damage.

Reinforced frame
Sturdy frame with fork reinforcement.

Floating steering wheel
EPT 15W and EPT 15C have floating steering wheels, which are easy to pass through obstacles, and the whole vehicle runs stably, with little wear and tear and low noise.


The sturdy Jintu cover protects the motor and wheels, and also reliably protects the operator's feet.

Lateral wheels
The swivel wheels on both sides ensure higher stability of the vehicle and prevent damage to the ground.
Rated load 1500kg, rubber drive wheel
The diameter of the driving wheel is 230mm, making it easier to pass obstacles;
Soft and reliable rubber wheels provide traction at all times;
As the car is used indoors and occasionally outdoors,
Our design material adopts “non-marking tire'standard design;
Rubber wheels reduce vibration;
High-quality and high-efficiency European imported motors;
Lateral wheels have a larger diameter for stable walking.
Battery deep discharge protection
Tested and ergonomic emergency stop buttons and fuel gauges are robust and reliable. The built-in battery automatic protection device ensures the long life of the battery.
Tested Qualified Components
Tested international brand components such as sensors, micro switches, controllers and hydraulics.
Meet the standard
Complies with the currently valid European standards and at the same time complies with the performance levels of ISO 13849.

Technical parameters



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