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XCB-L30/35E series electric counterbalanced forklift (low voltage version)
Product Features
Super power
Standard configuration with full AC super power controller, low heat generation and low power consumption. Relying on XCMG's proprietary XEC electronic control technology, the evolutionary logic algorithm is optimized and matched for product performance, and it has good performance in climbing, heavy load and other working conditions.
One key switch
Two lift speeds, one key switch. The no-load lifting speed can reach 450mm/s, the safe lifting mode is embedded, and the working mode switching can be easily realized through the instrument menu. The safe lifting mode limits the lifting speed within 300mm/s, which can meet the slow lifting requirements of special goods, greatly simplify the operation difficulty and improve the operation safety.
Ramp down
During the downhill process, the whole vehicle slowly descends at a low speed under the action of the control system to prevent the harm caused by the slope and effectively ensure the safety of the driver and the goods.
Ultimate energy efficiency
The whole vehicle is equipped with an AC motor with high energy efficiency, low noise, high torque and high heat dissipation capacity as standard. Combined with the optimized matching of XCMG XEC electronic control system, it has strong power, low energy consumption and long-lasting operation.
Active Balance
The industry takes the lead in adopting the active balancing BMS control technology, which can effectively reduce the battery voltage difference, improve the consistency of the battery, realize the balance of the whole process of charging and discharging, and greatly improve the service life of the battery.
Energy Regeneration
The standard energy regeneration control technology, the energy recovery rate is as high as 30%, which greatly improves the continuous operation ability of the whole vehicle.
Wide Charge
In view of the fluctuation and instability of the domestic power grid, the charger has the ability to automatically adapt to the large fluctuation of the grid voltage. The fluctuation adaptation range of up to 100V can meet the charging function in special areas and form an effective battery protection of.
Smart Connect
Equipped with XCMG's intelligent fleet management system to monitor the remote working status of vehicles throughout the process. Provide managers with comprehensive value-added services such as parameter collection, statistical reports, maintenance reminders, electronic fences, remote control, and fault alarms of working vehicles.

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