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Product selling points
LW500KV-LNG LNG loader is the fourth generation LNG loader newly launched by XCMG.
This model retains the 500KN-LNG gas cylinder layout and other advantageous technologies, and fully borrows XCMG V series loader platform technology:
XCMG V series cab platform technology has a spacious, fully sealed, micro-supercharged cab and other industries.
It adopts three-section heavy-duty transmission shaft with strong bearing capacity.
Centralized control box, main power switch, GPS and other electrical components are arranged in the cab, which is dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, and more reliable.
Control equipment at any time and place through XCMG's IoT intelligent operation management platform: understand equipment operation and maintenance;
Through data collection and analysis, accurate evaluation of user engineering is achieved, equipment matching is guaranteed, user management efficiency is improved, operating costs are reduced, and investment returns are improved.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Rated bucket capacity (m³) 3
Rated load (kg) 5000
rated power (kW) 162
Total Weight (kg) 17500
Unloading height (mm) 3100
MAX Breakout Force (kN) 175

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