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Working principle of luffing mechanism of rotary drilling rig

The rotary drilling rig changes the angle of the drilling mast through the luffing mechanism to adjust the working width of the drilling mast and the verticality of the drilling mast. The drilling mast and the triangular connecting frame only move in parallel in the plane to meet the movement of the working device and the movement of lifting Requirements, use the site construction environment.
At the same time, the expansion and contraction of the luffing hydraulic cylinder can also adjust the working width of the drilling mast to change the height of the whole machine, which provides convenience for transportation and transfer. Luffing mechanism is the main force receiving mechanism of rotary drilling rig. It can bear the weight of working parts such as drill mast, drill rod, drilling tool, power head, etc., and also receives torque from power head during drilling. During the whole drilling process, The reaction force and reaction torque that the drilling tool bears need to be transmitted to the luffing mechanism through the drill rod, the drill mast, and then transmitted to the ground by the luffing mechanism through the chassis slewing platform. It is more complicated to hesitate its stress, so it is necessary to follow the actual situation Determine typical working conditions and conduct finite element analysis and calculation for each working condition.

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