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Walking Pallet Truck One XCC-LW15 (Micro Mantis)
Product Features
Sturdy and fully protective drive cover design, which can fully protect the operator's feet; Modular design, high degree of generalization of all-electric and semi-electric configuration parts; Assembled front cover for easy maintenance and replacement of batteries and components;

There are a variety of forks to choose from.

The instrument integrates functions such as power display function, fault code display, key start, third-speed speed regulation, etc. It is equipped with an emergency stop switch as standard, and the position design can facilitate and quickly implement braking in an emergency.

Adopt ergonomic design, elastic environmental protection material, abandon hardened plastic, comfortable operation, insulation and shock absorption. All switch buttons are integrated in the user-friendly touch position, which is convenient to operate and greatly optimizes the operating comfort.
5% full load, 15% no-load and 1500kg rated load can climb 5%, no-load climbing 16%, flexible operation and freedom.


Technical parameters



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